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Hours of Operation

Our Archives is now located in the old Grand Trunk/CN Railway Station at 500 Railway Avenue, Prescott. From the 401, turn south on Edward Street, west on Wood Street, and north on St. Lawrence Street. From County Road 2/King Street, travel north to the end of St. Lawrence Street. If all else fails - follow the tracks.

June, July & August: Monday to  Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

September to May: Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Resource Centre is closed over Christmas and New Years and for all Canadian Public Holidays.



Adults: $2.00 per hour, members $ 1.00 per hour
Students: no charge (valid student I.D. required)
Children under 16: no charge
Photocopies: $ .25 each

Researchers coming to the Resource Centre will be assisted by volunteers.  Detailed research completed by our volunteers in response to mail-in requests and emails will be done at a cost of $15.00 per hour as time permits with photocopies at $.25 each, plus postage. Note new charges.



Membership in Grenville County Historical Society entitles members to a free newsletter, The Grenville Sentinel, published September, November, January, March, May, and July of each year, and also a discount when using the Resource Centre.


Individuals: $20.00
Life: $200.00



Speaker: Genealogist, Lesley Cluff, will give a talk on the First Three Generations of the Kingston Family and Untangling the Richards. Come and join us at the Grenville County Historical Society Archives, 500 Railway Avenue in Prescott to learn more about the Kingston family. All are welcome. No charge.

When: Monday, April 7, 2014 at 2 p.m.



Grenville County

Historical Society Inc.




The Grenville Pioneer and Historical Society was founded in 1891.  The qualification then for membership was "a descendant of an ancestor resident in Canada in 1792."  First president was F.J. French, a lawyer and Queen's Counsel, who was born in Burritt's Rapids in 1847.  By 1914 women were allowed to become members as well.  The membership fee was "10 cents in 1891" and it had changed to "50 cents for males and adults and 25 cents for ladies and all persons under 21" by 1914.  In 1922 the name of the society had changed, and was listed in their records as the Grenville Pioneer Society.  The Society was disbanded by 1924 and all the material that had been collected was picked up from Mr. French's home after his death in 1924 by the provincial Archivist in Toronto.

The Grenville County Historical Society was reorganized in 1959, largely through the efforts of the late Phyllis Stephenson and of Jean Wadds (at that time Jean Casselman, MP for Grenville-Carleton), with the organizing meeting taking place at St. Mark's School in Prescott on Dec. 1, 1959, with Edward McNally sworn in as president. The first official meeting was in Jan. 1960.

GCHS originally stored the artifacts and paper materials that were collected, in the Grenville County Registry Office and in the homes of members, until given the opportunity of moving to Room 36 in the Prescott Municipal Building.  That room also became too small for the collection.  The holdings were moved in 1980 to the second floor of Homewood Museum, and it served as an archives, resource centre, and office for the society while they administered the operation of the museum for the Ontario Heritage Foundation.  The museum interpreted the history of the Solomon Jones family.  In 1991 GCHS moved to the west wing of Homewood and operated the Archival Resource Centre, as well as continuing to operate the museum, until the collection moved once more in 1995, this time to Crane House at 439 Edward Street, Prescott.  Our last move took us to the the old Grand Trunk Railway Station at 500 Railway Avenue in Prescott in 2007. We are particularly proud of our new quarters, as our members have restored the station and made extensive renovations to accommodate our collection. Hopefully we will have a long stay here.


1.      To encourage and develop the study of the history of Grenville County

2.      To collect, preserve, exhibit, and publish material pertaining to Grenville County

3.      To acquire artifacts, documents, narratives, and the records of pioneers relating to Grenville County

4.      To encourage the preservation of historical buildings, monuments, and markers in Grenville County



Past President: Gini Leonard
President: Fraser Laschimger
Vice President: John Hardimg
Secretary: Valerie Schulz
Treasurer: Sandra Robertson
Research Chairman: Bonnie Gaylord
Collection’s Manager: Valerie Schulz
Special Events: John Harding
Sentinel: Sandra Shouldice
Membership: Norma Moug
Publicity: Helen Mott
Plaques: Fraser Laschinger


Mary Lou Fry, Pauline Robertson, Ralph Street, Ron Shannon





"Indian Children Used to Play"

Long before Grenville County was given this name, approximately 500 years ago, it was occupied by a native population. The St. Lawrence Iroquois lived in longhouses in agricultural communities with some of these sites containing as many as 1600 people. Two important archeological excavations have been done in Grenville County, one in 1974 in Roebuck, and one in 1987 in Maynard (Maynard-McKeown site) where much was learned about these early native tribes. The natives were farmers growing corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, and tobacco, sometimes fishing for food and hunting on a smaller scale. A few smaller digs (Cleary site near Spencerville and Crystal Rock site) have been done over the years in the county as well.

French, then British Occupation

The French also occupied Grenville County with explorers and fur traders passing through this area en route to Fort Frontenac (Kingston) to meet the Indian hunters and trappers. The French built a supply depot at La Galette (Johnstown) in the 1670s and a shipyard and star-shaped fort at Pointe au Baril (Maitland) in 1758, with the ships, the Outouaise and the Iroquoise, being built there. France and Britain were competing for control of the St. Lawrence River area and this broke out into a full-scale war in the 1750s. As the French troops were withdrawing to Quebec, they levelled the fortifications at Pointe au Baril so it would be of no use to the advancing British troops. Before long, the French decided to build new fortifications that would prevent attacks from the west, and they built a fort in 1759 on Isle Royale (Chimney Island) called Fort de Levis (Johnstown area). It was here that the last battle in North America between English and French troops took place in August 1760. In 1763 under the Treaty of Paris, French control was given to Britain, and New France was renamed Quebec. It was incorporated as the Province of Quebec by the Quebec Act of 1774.

Immigrants Arrived in Grenville County

This area, part of the Province of Quebec, was sparsely occupied when the Loyalists came here. In 1783 surveyors laid out the townships of Edwardsburgh, Royal Township Number Six, and Augusta, Royal Township Number Seven, along the river for the men and women who maintained their loyalty to the British Crown. The first settlers, men who had served under Major Edward Jessup, arrived here in 1784 and were given lots in Augusta and Edwardsburgh Townships. They drew their lots and built temporary shelters, until they were able to establish more permanent homes. Crops were planted, mills were soon developed, and the first town site was established in 1789 at Johnstown. It was made a district town for the Eastern District, and a court house and gaol were built here in 1795. Oxford-on-Rideau was surveyed for settlement in 1791, Wolford, in 1795, and South Gower in 1799.

Over the years other groups have come to this beautiful section of Ontario including many English, Irish, and Scottish families in the 1800s, and many Dutch in the 1950s. Today we are a mix of many nationalities.

Boundary/Name Changes

This area was part of the Province of Quebec, and by 1788 Lord Dorchester, the Governor of Quebec, proclaimed that what is now the province of Ontario would be divided into four districts, Lunenburgh, Mecklenbrgh, Nassau, and Hesse. Our area was part of the District of Lunenburg, named for the former principality of Brunswick-Lunenburg, part of the kingdom of Hanover. By the Constitutional Act of 1791, the province of Quebec was divided into the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, and Lunenburg was a district within Upper Canada. Gov. John Graves Simcoe, Upper Canada’s first Lieutenant-Governor, renamed the districts in 1792 and formed them into nineteen counties. The name of our district became the Eastern District and we were in Grenville County. The county was named for William Wyndham Grenville, Secretary of State in 1790. The Eastern District encompassed the present counties of Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott, Russell, Leeds, Grenville, and Carleton.

By 1798 the district’s name had changed once more, this time to the Johnstown District, which at that time included the counties of Leeds, Grenville, and Carleton (Lanark was part of Carleton as well). In 1841 through the Act of Union, Upper Canada and Lower Canada became Canada West and Canada East respectively. By 1849 the Johnstown District was made up of only Leeds and Grenville. The Townships of Oxford, Wolford, Marlborough, and Montague were originally considered as one township for municipal purposes and had one Council. They were recorded together in the early census records, and appear in the Grenville County land records up to the early 1840s. Marlborough appeared in Carleton County in 1842 and was incorporated as a township in Carleton in 1850; Montague transferred from the Johnstown District to the Bathurst District in 1842 and became part of Lanark County. It can be confusing when one tries to search for records as the boundaries and names changed so often.

When districts were abolished in 1850, the Johnstown District became the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and still exist as such today. From 1850 until the 1990s Grenville County was composed of five townships: Wolford, Oxford-on-Rideau, and South Gower in the north, Augusta and Edwardsburg in the south. Recently, with restructuring, these boundaries have been changed with the townships of South Gower, Oxford-on-Rideau, and the town of Kemptville amalgamating to form the township of North Grenville; the township of Wolford and the village of Merrickville joining to form the village of Merrickville-Wolford, and the township of Edwardsburgh and the village of Cardinal joining to form Edwardburgh/Cardnal. In 1867 at Confederation the Dominion of Canada, containing the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, was created.

Communities located in Grenville County are:
(former names of the communities are given in brackets)

Augusta was first surveyed in 1783, incorporated in 1850.  It includes the following communities: Algonquin, Centre Augusta, Charleville (Sebastopol), Domville (Henry's Corners), Garretton, Lord's Mills, Maitland (Pointe au Baril), Maynard, North Augusta (Bellamy's Mills), Prescott (inc. 1850), Roebuck, South Augusta, Throoptown.

Edwardsburgh was first surveyed in 1783, incorporated in 1850. It includes the following communities: Brouseville, Cardinal (inc. 1880), (Port Elgin, Munro's Point, Lewisville), Crystal Rock (Lime Kiln), Glen Smail, Groveton, Hyndman (Grant's Mills), Johnstown, Mainsville, Pittston, Prescott Junction, Shanly, Spencerville, Ventnor (Adams), Wexford.

Oxford-On-Rideau was first surveyed in 1791, incorporated in 1850.  It includes the following communities: Acton's Corners, Bedell (Kempton), Bishop's Mills, Beckett's Landing, Burritt's Rapids, Christies Corners, East Oxford, Kemptville (inc. 1857), Millar's Corners, Newmanville, Oxford Mills, Oxford Station, Patterson's Corners, Swan Station.

South Gower was first surveyed in 1799, incorporated in 1834, and includes the following communities: Heckston (Archibald's Corners), Pelton's Corners, South Gower

Wolford was first surveyed in 1795, incorporated in 1850, and includes the following communities: Easton's Corners, Jasper (Olmstead's Mills, Irish Creek), Kilmarnock, Merrickville (inc. 1860) (Mirick's Mills).

NOTE:  Recently with restructuring in 1999 and 2000 these boundaries have been changed as follows: 


North Grenville (formerly South Gower, Oxford-on-Rideau, Kemptville);

Merrickville-Wolford (formerly the Township of Wolford and the village of Merrickville;

Edwardsburgh/Cardinal (formerly the Township of Edwardsburgh and the village of Cardinal);

Augusta (no change);

Prescott (no change).




The Archival Resource Centre houses an extensive collection of research material on individuals, families, houses, buildings, organizations, military, and historical events.  We have an extensive collection of Grenville County birth, marriage and death records, both church and civil; microfilm copies of the Brockville and Prescott newspapers; genealogies; church, cemetery, and census records; township papers; microfilms; microfiche; books.

We have many artifacts connected to Grenville County including many useful to researchers such as: deeds, documents, photographs, scrapbooks, slides, video tapes, maps, historical accounts, and newspapers. Researchers are welcome.



The historical society maintains files on the following family names. Information contained in these files includes research done by genealogists, family researchers, and our volunteers.

Abbot, Acheson, Acton, Adams, Agnew, Alberry, Alder, Allen, Amell, Anderson, Andress, Andrews, Angus, Annable, Arcand, Armstrong, Arnold, Ashby, Atkinson, Attridge, Ault

Baere/Bare, Bailey, Baitson, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Bancroft, Banning, Bannon, Barber, Barclay, Barkley, Barlow, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett, Barr, Bartlett, Barton, Bass, Baxter, Baynham, Beach, Beaman/Beeman, Beane, Beatty/Beattie, Beaumont, Beck, Beggs, Belanger, Belgard, Bell, Bellamy, Bennett, Benson, Berry, Bertrand, Biccum, Bidwell, Bigham, Billings, Bingham, Binns, Birks, Birnie, Bishop, Bissell, Black, Blacklock, Blackwell, Blakey, Blanchard, Bogert, Boivin, Bolton, Bonin/Bonhomme, Bonisteel, Booth, Bottum, Boulton, Bovaird, Bowen, Bowers, Bowyer, Boyce/Boice, Boyd, Boyle, Bradley, Brady, Brant, Breakenridge, Brennan, Brewster, Briggs, Bronson, Brouse, Brown, Bruce, Brundage, Brunet, Buck, Buckly, Buell, Buker, Bunker, Burchill, Burk, Burns, Burritt, Burton, Bush, Byce, Byers, Byrne

Cain, Caldwell, Campbell, Carey, Carley, Carmichael, Carpenter, Carrier, Carruthers, Carson, Casey, Casselman, Cavalier, Cavanagh, Chester, Chisholm, Christie, Christopher, Church, Clark(e), Clarkin, Cleary, Cleland, Cleveland, Clifford, Clothier, Clow, Clute, Coates, Coffey, Cole, Collins, Collison, Conklin, Conley, Connell, Conners/Connors, Connolly, Cook, Coons, Corbett, Corley, Cosgrove, Cotter, Couillard, Countryman, Covey, Covell/Coville, Cowdrey, Cowie, Coyle, Craig, Crane, Cranstoun, Chrichton, Cron, Cross, Crowder, Crowdley, Crozier, Crysler/Kreisler, Cullen, Cumming, Cummings, Curry, Cutway

Dake, Dalton, Dangerfield, Daniels, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davison, Dawson, Day, Deane, Dearaway, Delaney, Delormier, Denault, Dennis, Derrig, Deschamps, Dibble, Dickenson, Dickson, Dinscomb, Dinwoodie, Dissette, Dixon, Dobson, Dockham, Doddridge, Dodge, Donnolly, Dooley, Dopp, Dove, Dow, Dowsley, Doyle, Draper, Drew, Driscoll, Driver, Drummond, Dubrule, Duffy, Dukelow, Dulmage, Dumbrille, Dunham, Dunlop, Dunn(e), Dunsmoir/Dunsmoor, Durant, Durning

Earl, Easter, Easton, Eckles, Edwards, Elbare, Elderbroom, Elliott, Ellis, Emburg, Embury, Empey, Empey, English, Errengy, Errington, Evans, Evanson, Everts, Evitts, Ewart, Ewens, Eyre

Fader, Fairbairn, Farley, Farlinger, Farrel, Fawkes, Feilde, Fell, Fennell, Ferguson, Finucan, Fischl, Fisher, Flagg, Flanigan, Fletcher, Flora, Ford, Forrester, Fortier, Fox, Frances/Francis, Fraser, Frattura, Freeman, Freemyer, French, Fretwell, Froom, Fuller, Furlong

Gabriel, Galbraith, Gallagher, Galloway, Gamble, Garland, Garreau, Garvin, Gates, Geekie, Gerald, Gibson, Gilkinson, Gilkison, Gill, Gilleran, Gilmour, Gilroy, Gilson, Glasgow, Glassford, Glen, Goldsmith, Goodin/Goodwin, Goodspeed, Gordon, Graham, Grandy, Grant, Granton, Gray/Grey, Green, Greenhill, Greer, Gregg, Gregory, Griffith, Grimmett, Groves, Grue

Haley, Hall, Hallet, Halliday, Halpin, Hamilton, Haner, Hanlan, Hanna, Hardinge, Hare, Harper, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Haskins, Hassard, Hawley, Hay, Hayden, Haynen, Hazelton, Headlam, Healy, Heaphy, Heck, Helmer, Helms, Henderson, Henry, Hepinstall, Herbant, Higgins, Hill, Hindmarsh, Hobkirk, Hodge, Hodgkins, Hoffman/Huffman, Hollingsworth, Holmes, Holton, Home, Honeywell, Hooker, Hopper, Horton, Horwood, Hough, Howard, Howey, Hoy, Hubbard, Hughes, Humberstone, Humble, Humphries, Hunter, Huntingdon, Hurd, Hurlburt, Hurley, Hutchcroft, Hutchins, Hutchison, Hutt, Hutton, Hyndman, Hynes

Imerson, Ingram, Imrie, Ireland, Irvine, Isaacs

Jackson, James, Jardine, Jemmett, Jenkinson, Jessup, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Juby

Kavanagh, Kean/Kane, Kearns, Keeler, Keever, Keilty, Kennedy, Kenny, Kerns, Kerr, Kidd, Kilborn, Kilpatrick, Kincaid, Kinch, King, Kingston, Kirkby, Kirkey, Kirkland, Knapp, Koyle

Labar, Labatt, Lake, Lalonde, Lampson/Lamson, Land, Landon, Lane, Langley, Lanthier, LaPointe, LaPorte, LaRue, Laschinger, Latimer, Laushway, Laverty, Lavery, Lawrence, Lazott, Leeming, Leggo, Legro, Lemax, Lemon, Lennox, Lester, Levere/Lavere, Lewis, Leizert/Lezot/Lozott, Linnen, Livingston, Lloyd, Locke, Lockerbie, Lockwood, Logan, Logue, Longley, Loomis, Losie/Losee, Louden, Loughrin, Lovett, Lundy, Lynch

MacDonald, MacDonell, MacDowell, MacIntosh, MacKenzie, MacKey, MacLeod, MacPherson, Magee, Mahoney, Major, Mallan, Malloch, Malone, Maloney, Manley, Manion, Markey, Marlett, Martin, Mason, Massey, Masterson, May, McAlpine, McAmmond, McAskin, McAuley, McBass, McBroom, McCann, McCarthy, McCartin, McCaw, McClaine, McClenaghan, McConnell, McCrea, McCrimmon, McCulloch, McCully, McDonald, McDougall, McEathron, McEllen, McEwan, McFadden, McFarlane, McGannon, McGovern, McGrath, McGraw, McGrory, McGuigan, McGuire, McHugh, McIlmoyle, McIntyre, McIvor, McKeon, McKim, McKnight, McLaren, McLaughlin, McLean, McMahon, McManus, McMaster, McMillan, McMongle, McMullen, McNairn, McNally, McNamara, McNeil, McNish, McPherson, McQuade, McQueen, McReynolds, McRoberts, McShane, Meehan, Mellafont, Merkley, Merrick, Merrifield, Merrill, Merritt, Merwin, Metcalf, Millar, Miller, Milks, Mills, Milton, Mitchell, Mitten, Mix, Mixter, Moffatt, Montgomery, Mooney, Moore, Morey, Morgan, Morris, Morrow, Moses, Mosher, Mossman, Mott, Mowatt, Moylan, Mulholland, Mullen, Mundle, Munro, Murdock, Murphy, Murray, Myers

Nesbitt, Nettleton, Nevins, Newans, Newman, Newvine, Nicholas/Nichols, Nicholson, Nixon, Norris, Norton, Notter,

O’Brien, O’Connell, O’Connor, Ogilvie, Oliphant, Olmstead, O’Grady, O’Hara, O’Hearn, O’Keefe, O’Leary, O’Neill, O’Reilly, Orr, Oxby

Palmer, Pappin, Pardee, Parish, Parker, Parlow, Parnel, Patterson, Patton, Payer/Payea/Paille, Payne, Pearson, Peer, Pelehos, Pelton, Pennock, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Peters, Peterson, Pevere, Phillips, Picard, Piper, Pitchers, Pittman, Place, Plouf, Plumb, Plumley, Poaps, Pollock, Poole, Pope, Potter, Powell, Powers, Preston, Price, Privost/Privo, Prue, Prunner, Ptak, Purvis, Putnam

Quackenbush, Quinn

Ralston, Raney, Rankin, Rathwell, Rawlings, Raycroft, Raymond, Read, Reddick, Redmond, Reid, Reilly, Relyea, Reney, Reynolds, Richardson, Rickett, Rickey, Riddell, Ring, Ripley, Roberts, Robertson, Robichaud, Robinson, Robitaille, Roche, Rocky, Roddick, Roebuck, Rogison, Rolland, Rooney, Rosamond, Rose, Ross, Row, Rupert

St. Pierre, Salter, Sanders, Sargent, Saunders, Sauve, Sawdon, Sayeau, Sayers, Scarlett, Schwerdfeger, Scott, See, Seeley, Selleck, Service, Seymore, Shannon, Sharpe, Shaver, Shea, Sheehan, Sheilds, Shenneck, Sherbenaut, Sherman, Sherwood, Shipman, Short, Simpson, Sims, Simzer, Skinner, Skully, Slattery, Sliter, Sloan, Smades, Smail, Smart, Smith, Snider, Southworth, Spackman, Spencer, Spero, Spicer, Spotswood, Steacy, Steed, Stephenson, Stevenson, Stewart, Stirling, Stitt, Stone, Storey, Strader, Strachan, Street, Streight, Sturnberg/Steinberg, Suffle, Sunderland, Sutherland, Sutton, Swart, Sweeney, Swinig, Swoger, Sword, Sylvester

Tait, Tanner, Tanney, Tannier, Taylor, Telford, Thetford, Thorn, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thorpe, Thrasher, Throop, Timlick, Tinkler, Todd, Toop, Torrence, Towsley, Trainor, Traunweizer, Travis, Tremayne, Trenholm, Truax, Tubman, Tucker, Turner, Tweedy, Tyner, Typhair, Tyson


VanAllen, Vanalstine, Vanbuskirk, Vancamp, VanCura, VanKoughnet, VanNorman, VanKoughnet, VanVolkenburg, Veitch, Vout

Wait, Waffle, Wald, Walford, Walker, Wallace, Walsh, Walter, Waneger, Ward, Wardrop, Warner, Warren, Watrous, Watson, Watts, Waugh, Weatherhead, Webb, Webster, Weedmark, Weir, Welch, Wells, Whaley, Wharton, Wheeler, Whelton, White, Whitley, Whitmarsh, Whitemore, Whitney, Wickwire, Wiggins, Wilcox, Wilkins, Willard, Williams, Williscraft, Wilson, Wilton, Wiltse, Winter, Wiser, Wood, Woodcock, Woods, Wooley, Workman. Wright, Wyatt, Wylie

Yeldon, Youker, Young




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