Barne's Creek Kemptville Canada Weather

 Latitude N 45° 01' 01"    Longitude W 75° 37' 59"    Elevation 297 ft

Dawn: 05:18 Sunrise: 05:51 Moonrise: 14:34 Moon Percent Moon Visible: 58
Dusk: 21:00 Sunset:  20:27 Moonset: -----
Daylight: Hrs/Mins: 15:42 Fact: There will be 2min 28s less daylight tomorrow Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon Age (Days): 8

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Records began on 03 February 2011. A record high temperature (37.4 C) was set on 13 Jul 2012. The lowest temperature (-30.7 C) was recorded on 11 Jan 2014.

Conditions at  15:36 on 04 August 2014   Temperature 25.2 °C  and Falling  Barometer 30.00 in and Falling slowly  Wind WNW at 3 km/h Gusting to 17 km/h  Today's   Rainfall  0.0 mm  Select the Tabs Below for Additional Details